Discover the origins of our extensive assembly experience and manufacture of tents


To look for the origins of ARACARPAS, we have to go back a long time. Specifically, we must go back to the 1940’s: That is when our grandfather began to build the first demountable structures. These structures served to cover fairground attractions and were also made of wood and canvas.

They were difficult times … Times in which the lack of resources prevailed due to the war. But this was compensated by effort and ingenuity in the search for solutions.


They were many years and very hard, with a lot of effort on the part of the whole team. However, every sacrifice is worth it, as it allowed us to gain experience and skill. This was what led our father, already in the 60s, to manufacture all kinds of metal structures. The new materials and techniques allowed to open a new field of work with many possibilities in covering spaces.

Among the structures that were created in this period, some dance pavilions stood out, with a very novel system for the time. In them, for the first time, the roof was mounted on the ground. Later it was raised by means of motors until it was placed in its final place.

All this marked the origin of ARAGONESA DE CARPAS: Pioneer in the manufacture, rental and sale of aluminum and canvas structures.


Throughout all this time we already have more than 2 million square meters of tents set up. But at Aragonesa de Carpas we continue to innovate to offer the best service, the best quality, and the best guarantees.

In addition, we can highlight very relevant works carried out in this period: The first 2-story tent manufactured in Spain, the new construction and safety systems … As well as the manufacture of the largest folding stage in Europe on TWINSTAGE trucks.

At Aracarpas we have even devised a new real-time access control system. This system is combined with our highly robust and secure perimeter fencing. In this way we are able to provide large events with the necessary security: both to comply with regulations and to guarantee the protection of people.